Startup Career Fair | Sycamore Life Sciences
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Sycamore Life Sciences


Sycamore Life Sciences is distributor of life sciences consumables, reagents, and equipments, and is building a new generation marketplace for the life sciences industry.


Fast paced, customer first, team oriented environment. Founded in 2015 and based in Houston, Texas, Sycamore Life Sciences is a startup and distributor of life sciences consumables, reagents, and equipment. When we’re not hard at work in the Midtown Houston office, you can find the team out and about, visiting with customers in one of the top life sciences research centers in the world, the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. If we had to sum it up we’d put it this way…We love the life sciences industry. We love research. We love our customers. We love Houston. We’re building the worlds first purpose-built ecommerce marketplace for the life sciences industry. Our dream is to provide an informative, easy to use, cost saving ecommerce portal for the life sciences industry so that researchers can get back to what they love doing most.


Undergraduate, Graduate, Experienced Professionals


Internship, Full Time


Digital marketing, Web programmer, Science major with lab experience, Customer Service, Field Sales/Account Management

Digital Tech, Life Science