Startup Career Fair | Skylark Wireless
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Skylark Wireless


Skylark Wireless is an OEM using software-defined radios and 5G "Massive MIMO" beamforming to bring true high-speed connectivity to the rest of the world.


At Skylark, we build cutting-edge technologies to open up new markets and bridge the “digital divide”. Our engineering-focused team of experts in 5G and embedded systems has a deep passion to build high-tech products that no one else can build. At Skylark, becoming a better engineer and colleague goes hand-in-hand with achieving our goal of making high-speed connectivity affordable and ubiquitous.


Undergraduate, Graduate, Experienced Professionals


Internship, Part Time, Full Time


We are looking for both experienced and entry-level embedded software and hardware engineers to work closely with our team to design, implement, and own next-generation wireless systems. You must be comfortable with software development and have experience working with embedded systems; wireless expertise is preferred. As a startup, you will work on all aspects of our systems, from design to production, with the flexibility to define your work environment and the freedom to make a real difference in our business and our products. Skylark is an equal-opportunity employer and provides competitive salaries, health care, and 401(k) located deep in the heart of vibrant, multi-cultural Houston.

Digital Tech