Startup Career Fair | Rheidiant
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Rheidiant is a venture-backed startup deploying industrial internet of things (IIoT) and machine learning technologies that help power and energy companies mitigate risk and increase productivity.


We are a hard-working group of engineers looking to make a positive impact on the energy and power industries. Our offices are located in the lively midtown district. We are a group of individuals who love building things which help energy industry in sustainability, productivity and environmental stewardship.


Undergraduate, Graduate, Experienced Professionals


Full Time


Senior Backend Engineer: Lead the development and support of backend deployments of - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. Develop software to run on company, client and cloud servers. Deploy and maintain cloud resources on AWS Required skills and experience - 5-10 years of relevant industrial experience with backend software development - Experience with functional programming in a production environment - Experience with or willingness to learn OCaml and ReasonML - Proficiency with various Javascript frameworks and libraries in Node.js - Python and its math-based packages SciPy, NumPy. - Expertise in managing cloud infrastructure on AWS or other providers - Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB - Security and system administration of Linux environments. Head of Marketing: Building and developing a pipeline of potential enterprise clients. Analyzing the competitive landscape. Developing marketing strategies. Generating and implementing inbound marketing strategies. Designing and developing marketing material for various marketing channels (web, newsletter, events, advertising and PR).

Digital Tech, Energy & Clean Tech