Startup Career Fair | Molecule
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Molecule is the fastest-growing cloud-based Energy Trading and Risk management software. It is next-generation P&L, near-time VaR, position, and risk analytics software for any company that trades commodities. The software is designed for electricity, natural gas, crude, liquids, metals, ags, softs, and FX options/futures.


We are Molecule. We own Molecule in big and small ways. We want the best for Molecule and for each other. We succeed as a team and fail as a team. We make a meaningful impact on enterprise software industry. We embrace diversity of race, gender, creed, culture, ability, orientation, technology. We use welcoming and inclusive language. We respect differing viewpoints and experiences. We focus on what is best for the community. We show empathy and compassion towards other community members. We do what's best for the customer. We provide the best approach to meet customer needs. We strive to have pragmatic and informed solutions. We challenge the status quo by starting with first principles We want customers to achieve the maximum with minimal effort. We challenge our solutions and are not afraid to toss them out the window. We strive to be world-class.


Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA


Full Time


We have some exciting opportunities in our sales, customer success and engineering teams.