Startup Career Fair | Medical Informatics Corp
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Medical Informatics Corp


We build and maintain an FDA-cleared data aggregation engine called Sickbay that collects, stores, and transforms physiologic waveform and vitals data in near real-time to provide actionable clinical intelligence.


We build software that helps save lives, and are both energized and humbled by that opportunity. Our compassion drives us to action. We work tirelessly to ensure that our software operates at the highest standards. In addition, we celebrate diversity. We believe that collaboration will best solve the problems we face, and encourage an open, welcoming environment.


Undergraduate, Graduate, Medical, Experienced Professionals


Full Time


We are hiring software engineers and researchers to help build the next suite of software-based monitors improving the way that doctors and nurses deliver care to patients. Software engineers will be involved in building and maintaining Sickbay. In addition, they will be involved in installation, implementation, and ongoing support of Sickbay at customer sites. Researchers will be involved in the development of new algorithms that utilize the data set that Sickbay records to provide clinical insight.

Digital Tech, Life Science