Startup Career Fair | HLA Data Systems
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HLA Data Systems


We deliver innovative software solutions for organ transplant laboratories.


Our company communicates well and regularly, we travel together, we get serious when we need to, and occasionally we try to solve the world's biggest problems on the whiteboard. There may or may not be margaritas involved. We're a partially remote team, so we try to put in full and focused days when we are all together. Although we are focused on sales growth, we enjoy the challenge of juggling multiple customers and responsibilities.


Undergraduate, Graduate, Experienced Professionals


Internship, Part Time, Full Time


We're looking for a developer with strong skills in Javascirpt, React, Node.js, SQL, APIs, etc. If you've ever worked with Electron - even better. We'd like someone who can understand complex needs and code elegant solutions. Ideally, you will have applications in production. You will work on a team with a few other developers and report to the President. If you are interested in immunology, we'd love to talk with you!

Digital Tech