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We use machine learning, big data analytics, and influencer marketing to promote music as effectively as possible.


Our mission is to "Enable creativity as a more viable lifestyle" both externally and internally. We believe it is hard to be passionate about helping creators without being a creator yourself. Not only does everyone have side creative passions spend time on outside of work hours but we make an effort to spend a few hours each week collaborating on content that gets us excited as creative individuals. Creatives tend to show, a willingness to experiment and fail, greater attention to detail, and exceptional passion and drive; these are traits we respect and are critical to success. No office politics, your and the company's success is based on your ideas, ability to communicate and execute them, as well as support others theirs. If you're passionate about ideas and don't want to sacrifice important aspects of who you are, come to gethr.


Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, Experienced Professionals


Part Time, Full Time


Currently looking for a front-end developer who has significant creative/design experience. We are also looking for a back-end engineer who has experience building on AWS. We are also looking for a data scientist who is familiar and experienced in the creative content space, especially music and video games.

Digital Tech