Startup Career Fair | EnPower
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EnPower has developed a highly scalable, low-cost solution to dramatically improve the fast-charge and low-temperature performance of Li-ion batteries safely.


Performance-based and results-oriented teamwork that is underlain by a strong support foundation for the developing individuals. Trust, mutual respect, and high integrity are essential as they allow us to discuss, challenge, debate, and agree to disagree constructively.


Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA


Internship, Full Time


The Electrode Processing Technician will work with critical manufacturing processes and equipment to produce EnPower’s electrode technology. Expected duties include dry powder mixing, slurry mixing, electrode coating, electrode calendering, and electrode slitting. The Cell Assembly Technician will be responsible for the multitude of steps post-electrode processing to assemble coated electrodes (anodes & cathodes) into functioning battery cells. Work with the CTO and Cell Engineering Team to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are properly established, quality controlled, and stringently followed. Given the tight tolerances of cell assembly, the Cell Assembly Technician must be dexterous and attentive to detail. The Cell Assembly Technician will primarily be assembling large capacity pouch-type cells, but will also be responsible for assembling coin cells for electrochemical characterization of materials. Duties include electrode blanking/punching, a multitude of steps required for pouch- and coin-type cell assembly, and cell forming/activating before testing. Technical Marketing - Competitive Analysis work.

Energy & Clean Tech