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We're a catalyst for industrial operations. We build solutions that apply cutting edge Physics-Informed Artificial Intelligence technologies to significantly expedite and automate engineering and business processes.


We're a small startup with a diverse staff of Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and Oil and Gas experts. We have a pretty casual environment with flexible hours. Despite this, our team is very hard working and there's a lot of teamwork every day. People join us because they're excited about our vision and enjoy working with a team of talented individuals.


Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, Experienced Professionals


Internship, Part Time, Full Time


A startup can be a challenging, but very rewarding experience. Our firm is always exploring cutting-edge concepts in the field of Software Engineering and Data Science to solve challenging problems in the industrial sector. As part of a small software company, your contributions will have a direct impact on customers and your peers. It's a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience working at one of the most promising software startups in the Houston area.

Digital Tech, Energy & Clean Tech